HIP Cafe provides a forum for musicians and artists to connect with local people in local venues and bring a fresh, diverse dimension of live, good quality music.

It brings the fusion of gospel music with other genres of music creating a unique blend for people who want to listen to inspirational sounds in a vibrant environment.


Our vision started in 2007 with the ethos of creating a platform for up and coming artists and established performers to showcase their talents.

A group of friends had a ‘what if..’ moment – ‘what if we could take some of the good quality music that we hear in our churches and communities to a wider audience?’

That ‘what if’ experience became a reality and HIP Cafe was born with the motto of wanting to fragrance the atmosphere with praise.

It has grown from strength to strength and has established a reputation of ‘the place to be’ for great music and talented artists.

Our events are currently held in Wembley, but watch this space because our vision is to create events in local communities across the UK.